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At Matrix Automation, we build long-term relationships with our customers that stand the test of business (time, pressure, financials, performance, etc…). That's because our people are dedicated to your success, and they go above-and-beyond to help you meet your goals.


We’re not saying we’re better people than anyone else. But, we are saying you won’t find a more dedicated, harder working group of people focused on your people, your projects and your business. Our average customer stays with us for many years, and some have been with us since we started almost 30 years ago. We think that speaks volumes about the relationships we build and the value we bring.


Our people are engaged and engaging. They’re trustworthy, capable and innovative. They’re technologists who know that technology is useless if it isn't adding value to your business. And, they're execution experts -– people who plan their work and work their plan to deliver results.

Our philosophy for driving value in operations and across your business is simple: execute. Execute the work you have to do at every level: use the right materials, follow the proper procedures, and build to the right specifications every time you make product, everywhere you make it.


We manage your end-to-end work processes from receipt of an order in production to completion of the finished product. By digitizing your standard work and exceptions, driving each process step-by-step and capturing all the mission-critical production data, our systems give you complete control of your operations.


But our execution expertise goes beyond our systems controlling what gets built and how. We’re also expert at executing the project steps to get your job done. We know the importance of defining the problem properly, architecting the right solution and meeting project deadlines. As complicated as things can be, we keep one simple truth in mind at all times: you have a job to do, and our job is to help you do yours. It’s as simple as that.

ProductionWare™ Software
Engagement Methodologies

An industrial company doesn't stay in business for nearly three decades without harnessing their best practices and intellectual property for use over and over again. It decreases costs, speeds time-to-value and reduces risk for everyone involved. At Matrix Automation, our ProductionWare™ library of reusable software modules is our crowning achievement in this area.


ProductionWare™ provides a collection of application templates with out-of-the-box capabilities to perform specific Production-centric operations. The templates provide the core functionality required to interact with station operators, connect to plant floor equipment, communicate with other plant or business systems, and drive your real-time, mission-critical work processes to completion.


But what you build and how you build it is unique. So, the core software is configurable to your business rules and your environment. Work content is easily movable from area to area by your in-house Manufacturing Engineers who are spared from learning the software technology that is “under the hood” of the templates. ProductionWare™ does the heavy lifting on the computing infrastructure, while you and your teams focus on running and improving your operations.

At Matrix Automation, our people marry our ProductionWare™ Software toolset's with proven project methodologies, best practices and implementation capabilities to deliver your projects on-time and on-budget.


Our Discovery Assessment processes hone in on your needs, whether they are execution or information-driven, or both. These processes allow us to jointly document your production and business issues and develop a precise definition of your desired results – giving the project teams a clear go-forward plan.


ProductionWare™ Software provides the foundation for all solutions generated and is quoted with the necessary computing infrastructure and project hardware. The software is configured to your production processes and environment, validated to the system specifications and delivered with all additional project components. Long-term system support, maintenance and evolution is handled by Matrix Automation, your in-house staff, or a combination of each. Our track record shows that these methodologies will guide you on your journey and we will be with you every step of the way.


Our philosophy for driving value

in manufacturing and across your business is simple:






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Learn the “Matrix Advantage” and why most of our customers are long-term partners working closely with us across many years.


Our people are engaged and engaging. They’re trustworthy, capable and innovative. They’re technologists who know that technology is useless if it isn’t adding value to your business. And, they’re execution experts – people who plan their work and work their plan to deliver results.